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Welcome to Vintage Mobile Phones. The home of the vintage mobile phone & vintage cell phone. 

Call them "The Brick" "Retro" "Classic" "Old School" or simply "Vintage", this site is where you can find out more about and buy those old phones. Whether you are a collector, or interested in a phone as a toy, prop or to put on the shelf, we have phones from non-working to mint-in-the-box, and prices to suit all pockets. Most of the phones for sale here are Motorola phones as these were the most popular of the early mobile phones, however other makes are listed for sale. If the phone you are interested in is not listed here, then please check back regularly, as other phones will be listed.

Phones fall into two categories - analogue or digital. The first mobile phones were all analogue, and these are for display only, as the analogue network is only operated in a few areas of the world now. The digital network was introduced in 1992 and within a few years became the network of choice. The early digital phones, that you will find for sale here, operate on 900Mhz, which was the first digital network. It is still widely used (02 and Vodafone in the UK). Which means that some of the big brick phones can still be used today.

Payment can be made from your bank account or with a credit card - via Paypal. If you wish to pay by another method, than please email us. Paypal is the safest form of payment as it means we have no access to your banking details and your purchases are protected. Paypal has over 150 million accounts worldwide. If you haven't used Paypal before or don't have an account, see their website for more details. Paypal  The "Buy Now" button under each item will take you straight to the Paypal website. You do not need to sign up to Paypal to use the service. You can simply follow the link to "Don't have a Paypal account" and pay instantly by credit card. The service is entirely free to use. We pay the fees.
The story of the mobile phone as we know it started in 1983, with the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. Before then phones had been available in cars, in bags and with a battery the size of a small country. For a history of early phones see 
Wikipedia and Salford

We are happy to send more information or photos on any of the phones we have for sale, but we cannot answer other e-mail enquiries. We receive a large number of e-mails every day, asking us to identify phones, asking us to give valuations, offering us individual phones for sale and asking us where to sell phones. Unfortunately we can no longer reply to these types of enquiry. We are interested in buying collections or bulk phones, but not individual ones.  

If the real phones are a little on the expensive side, then we have handmade toy phones for sale for only £8.00 including delivery. See
Everything Else for details.

Please use the tabs below or at the top of this page, to view the phones we have for sale. All prices include delivery to anywhere in the world.

Phones marked with * are working phones that are still usable on some networks. 

Site updated on 20th August 2015

Motorola Brick Phones

Motorola Signal Series - £159
Motorola 8800x - SOLD
Motorola 8800x - £39

Brick Phone Accessories

Antenna/Aerial - £6.00

Other Phones

Nokia P4000 - £59
Hagenuk MT 900 - SOLD
Hagenuk MT900 - £59

Everything Else
Toy Brick Phone 8000x - £8
Toy Brick Phone CellStar - £8
Toy Brick Phone 8000s - £8
Toy Brick Phone Commnet - £8
Toy Brick Phone 8900x - £8
Barbie Walkie Talkie £69
Knight Radio - £29

Inflatable Brick Phone - £6
Mobile Phone Lamp - £129
Brick Phone T-Shirt - £19

Site updated on 20th August 2015

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