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Links & The Smallprint



Here are some sites that we like.  Selling restorable vintage radios (tube & transistor), TV, communications equipment, test equipment, audio equipment & even the occasional clock, calculator, telephone, etc.  Also tubes, parts, books & Sams Photofacts.

Dylan Smith  Providing tailor made countryside & garden management across the South East of England. 


The Smallprint

Well there has to be some smallprint, so here goes.

All items on this site are guaranteed to arrive in the condition as stated in the description. Many are sent by registered mail, which means that they must be signed for on delivery. If the items arrive damaged, or not in the condition as described, then contact us within 48 hours of receipt to arrange their return, return them to us and we will refund purchase costs.

Some items which we have tested and are working, are in addition guaranteed for a period of days from receipt. If they fail within that period, then contact us to arrange their return, return them to us and we will refund all purchase costs. However, we cannot guarantee the batteries. The phones on this site are up to 30 years old, which means that even the new ones are old!. The problem with that is that batteries deteriorate with age even if they are not being used and therefore we cannot guarantee them to work if they are used continually. The guarantee is limited to meaning that the phones will still function as described after receipt. Some of the digital phones (Motorola 3200 etc) can still be used, but if you wish to use them a lot, then they will probably need new batteries.

Most of the phones on this site are analogue, which means that they do not work on modern phone systems. We have no way to test if they will work on the remaining analogue systems, so those that are guaranteed, are guaranteed to power up only. The digital phones that are guaranteed to work have been tested on GSM 900 which is widely available.

Phones sent outside the EU can be subject to customs fees and delays, for which the buyer is responsible.

We cannot guarantee a delivery date on any item. We have no control over postal services and will not be held responsible if items arrive later than wanted. Due to repeated problems, we do not organise couriers.

Our reputation is built on word of mouth and internet forums etc., so if you have a problem with any phone, we will do whatever we can to resolve it, within reason.

The price of postage is included in the cost of each phone and discounts on postage are only possible on multiple purchases.

We use recycled/pre-used packing materials where possible.

Due to persistent fraud attempts we cannot send items to Czech Republic and will cancel all purchases made from or to be delivered there.

Any questions - Please email us.

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Links & The Smallprint