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Motorola MicroTAC

The world's first flip phone was the Motorola MicroTAC 9800X launched in 1989. It's a design that was still seen today on millions of mobile phones around the world until the arrival of smartphones. The early phones were all analogue, and had the small LED display that is sought after by collectors. The later phones had the modern LCD display and some of them were digital and can still be used today. One of the best features of these phones is the antenna, which pulls up from the top of the phone. The antenna is just a piece of plastic and has no affect on reception. The phones antenna is internal, but it was felt that customers would want to see an external antenna, so one was added! On the 9800X the microphone was built into the flip part of the phone, but on all other models, it was in the body of the phone and the grooves cut into the flip are just for show.

For a history of the MicroTAC see

The digital MicroTACs here work on GSM900. To see which networks these will work with see GSM Availability

The basic design was used in many different types of phones, branded with many different names. Some of those phones didn't have the flip, some did. Scroll down the page to see the current stock. 

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SIM Card Holder

The digital phones we sell on this page come with a SIM card holder like the one pictured. All you need to do is tape a 2G small SIM into the card (with the tape on the opposite side to the metal bit!) and slot it into the phone. If you have a phone already and need one of these cards then we sell them at £2 including delivery to anywhere in the world. 

International 5200

Motorola International 5200 made in 1995. Model No - SLF1554L. Serial No - 0922VS56RV. 

The phone measures 15.5cm high x 5.5cm wide x 3.5cm high. Antenna is 13cm long. Weight of package is 1.69kg.

The Motorola International 5200 was the first digital flip phone sold by Motorola.

This phone is in as new/excellent condition. We tested it and everything worked perfectly. This phone can receive, but not send texts. It takes a credit card size SIM, which slots into the base of the phone. We used a standard SIM taped into a SIM adaptor to use the phone. This phone will work with any 2G or 3G (not 3G only) SIM that can use the GSM900 system, which is still supplied in the UK by O2 and Vodafone. For all other countries see here
GSM Availability. It will not work in North America.

The phone comes with its original box, which is in good condition. All the items that are in the box are in as new/excellent condition, except for the case, which we have added and which is in very good condition

Package comprises of the box, phone, battery, car charger, charging stand, adaptor with a UK type 3-pin plug, user manual (In English), case and a welcome pack. We will also send the phone with a SIM card adaptor.

This phone is guaranteed to work for 30 days from delivery. Please see
The Smallprint for full details.

Price is £99 including delivery to anywhere in the world by Registered Post.   

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